Is Kajabi better than a Wordpress LMS?

When you're starting an online coaching business or looking to sell online courses, you quickly run into a major decision. 

Should I use a Wordpress LMS (learner management system) or Kajabi (an all-in-one system that claims to do all the heavy-lifting for you). 

As a die-hard Wordpress user for 13 years, I used Wordpress LMS systems like Sensei and Thrive University. 

Eventually, I got tired of the headaches of Wordpress and moved from Wordpress to Kajabi. In this video, I'm going to show you how a Wordpress LMS compares with Kajabi. By the end, you'll understand EXACTLY why I think Kajabi is better than Wordpress. 


You can also watch directly on YouTube here.


After over a year running my business exclusively on Kajabi, I'm VERY happy to have made the move. If you're ready to try out the simple solution to your Wordpress headaches, please use my affiliate link for a free trial!

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Best membership site platform? Kajabi Pricing vs. Wordpress Plugin Hell

Looking into Kajabi pricing? Want to compare Kajabi's prices to a suite of membership tools on Wordpress? You're in the right place. 

I used Wordpress and Woocommerce for 5 years before finally giving up on it and moving to Kajabi. 

In this post, I'm going to explain why I made the decision to transition from Wordpress to Kajabi, how much Kajabi costs (and whether Kajabi's prices are justified), and why I think moving to Kajabi was one of the best decisions I ever made. 


If you prefer a video version of this article, check out this video. If not, keep scrolling down!



Some background on my Wordpress site 

I was running a pretty complex Wordpress site.

It had Wordpress, Woocommerce, a learner management system (LMS) called Sensei / Woocommerce Paid Courses, multiple Woocommerce extensions (like Woomembership, Woocommerce Subscriptions, AffiliateWP, Gravity Forms, Smart Offers, AutomateWoo, etc. etc.). 

And I...

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Kajabi versus Wordpress Membership Site - Hosting Costs get insane!

I used Wordpress and Woocommerce for many years before finally giving up on Wordpress and moving to Kajabi.

In another Kajabi review, I talked about all the Wordpress plugins I had to run my site AND the actual costs of doing that. In this post, I'm going to talk about the true costs of Wordpress hosting when you’re running a membership site.

If part of your business plan is to have online courses and/or paid membership offerings, you need to understand the real costs of trying to do that on Wordpress now.

This article will save you at least several thousand dollars in the long run and an incredible number of headaches. I promise.

More savings = more better 


Wordpress hosting is way cheaper than Kajabi pricing - when you first start

When you first get started with Wordpress, you can start off cheap. Wordpress is free. You can use a free or paid template that won’t cost you that much.

And you can use “shared hosting” which costs you...

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Kajabi Review: Email Marketing - is it reliable? A real look at kajabi email deliverability

In this Kajabi review, I'm going to focus on Kajabi's performance in email deliverability based on my own real-world tests. If you're thinking about putting your business in the hands of Kajabi, read the rest of this review so you know what you're getting into! 


Is switching to Kajabi from Wordpress + MailChimp a good idea?

When I was thinking about making the switch to Kajabi, I had a list of 20,000 contacts in Mailchimp. That was costing about $200/month.

I had a Mailchimp plugin for my Wordpress membership site that cost $39/year.

So my costs were already $2449 every year for email marketing to work with my website. That’s about $205/month.


Kajabi promised to eliminate the need for these extra email services but I was worried that Kajabi’s email deliverability wouldn’t be up to the task. I worried that poor email deliverability would cost me money in the long run if I left Mailchimp.

I decided to transition from Wordpress to Kajabi...

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