Kajabi or Wordpress membership site?

After over a decade of experience with Wordpress I switched to Kajabi and saved myself countless hours of Wordpress headaches and thousands of dollars* - every year.

*literally thousands - no exaggeration!



Leaving Wordpress Can Be Scary

I used Wordpress and a ton of plugins and third-party services to run a site since 2007.

By 2020, the site had memberships, online courses, and over 10,000 students.

But the Wordpress site needed constant maintenance and updates. And I was shocked to see how much the plugins and web hosting were costing me.

I decided it was time to leave Wordpress, but I couldn't find first-hand, real information on the process, the costs, and the results.

I felt like I was flying blind into a cloud of faith in Kajabi...

I stayed awake nights thinking about the decision, all while Wordpress was costing me insane amounts of money.

That's why I created this site.


We had well over 100,000 visits a month at the time of the transition. We had a mailing list of over 17,000 subscribers. We had membership courses that were generating thousands of dollars a month...

And, believe it or not, moving to Kajabi made managing all of that easier.

The 3 Biggest Questions When Comparing Wordpress with Kajabi

Let's dive into the biggest concerns you probably have about using Kajabi instead of Wordpress for a membership site.

And, yes, we'll talk about real numbers and real dollars.

How does the cost of Kajabi compare to Wordpress?

When researching Kajabi, all I could find was marketing boilerplate. Nobody shared real numbers because they were all just trying to get some affiliate marketing income.

Having made the transition from Wordpress to Kajabi, I can share real numbers and real cost comparisons.

And in this post, I compare the costs of Kajabi and Wordpress Plugin Hell. 

Wordpress Plugins vs. Kajabi

Is Kajabi's email marketing good? How does Kajabi compare to third party email marketing systems?

I was using Mailchimp and an premium integration plugin when working with Wordpress. I was afraid using Kajabi's email marketing system would result in poor email deliverability and open rates. 

See how Kajabi's email deliverability stacks up against Mailchimp and how much it could save you every year. 

Kajabi Email Marketing vs. Wordpress + Mailchimp

Is Kajabi worth the price when compared to Wordpress hosting costs?


When you first dream of selling courses online, you don't even think about what hosting will cost you down the line. In this post, I'll show you how expensive Wordpress hosting for a membership site can get.

This was the final straw that made me leave Wordpress for good! 

Insane Wordpress Hosting Costs vs. Kajabi

Cut the Crap!

Running a Wordpress membership site means headaches, unexpected costs, and constantly responding to random breakdowns.


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