Is Kajabi better than a Wordpress LMS?

When you're starting an online coaching business or looking to sell online courses, you quickly run into a major decision. 

Should I use a Wordpress LMS (learner management system) or Kajabi (an all-in-one system that claims to do all the heavy-lifting for you). 

As a die-hard Wordpress user for 13 years, I used Wordpress LMS systems like Sensei and Thrive University. 

Eventually, I got tired of the headaches of Wordpress and moved from Wordpress to Kajabi. In this video, I'm going to show you how a Wordpress LMS compares with Kajabi. By the end, you'll understand EXACTLY why I think Kajabi is better than Wordpress. 


You can also watch directly on YouTube here.


After over a year running my business exclusively on Kajabi, I'm VERY happy to have made the move. If you're ready to try out the simple solution to your Wordpress headaches, please use my affiliate link for a free trial!


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