When I started my first professional website, I built it with HTML. 

I built my first Wordpress site in 2007.

By 2020, I had built several Wordpress sites for myself and others. My main site was getting well over 100,000 visits a month and had tons of plugins and third-party integrations. The site was making money, but I was constantly worried that something was going to break with every update.

I had a developer to help me with updates and troubleshooting. We used staging sites. We did all we could to maintain solid Wordpress update processes...but things would still break. 

And that's to say nothing of how complicated the back-end was. 

Building and managing online courses with Wordpress had become a nightmare. 

A friend turned me on to Kajabi. I searched for authoritative information on Wordpress vs. Kajabi, but all I could find were general statements. And all the info was from people whose only business was affiliate marketing. 

They didn't have in-the-trenches experience with Wordpress and Kajabi. They didn't know the real costs of running an online business. And they didn't answer key questions I needed answered before committing to Kajabi. 

ISEEKSIMPLE.COM is my attempt to help other educators and business owners make the right choice for their financial and mental health. :-) 


For my purposes, Kajabi has been incredible.

I've written up some in-depth comparisons of Wordpress and Kajabi here.

I hope you find them helpful. I wrote them as an answer to the questions that kept ME up at night when I deciding to leave Wordpress for Kajabi. 

If you do find these comparisons helpful, please consider using my Kajabi affiliate links to sign up. You'll find them at the end of every article. 

Good luck with your decision and your business! 


P.S. Yes, this entire site is built on Kajabi.


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